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05 March 2012 @ 02:38 am
I don't dance - Part 5  
Originally posted by csi13 at I don't dance - Part 5
Title: You and I
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Please don't send to anyone named in this fic. I don't own anything or anyone, except the idea.
Warning: slash, language, sexyness
Summary:"Oh no, please don’t do this. Please don’t reject me and break my heart once and for all."
Author's Notes: My muse was finally on the same page as me so got this chapter finally finished. I hope you like it. I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine. Comments are always welcome, I live for them.

You and I


When I saw Adam sitting in front of my door looking a picture of misery, I nearly ran to him to embrace him in my arms to comfort him. But I pulled myself together and walk as slowly as I could towards him. He was holding his phone and starred at the display. Oh yeah, I should have texted him back, but I was standing in front of him now.


„Adam?!“ I said nearly asking. When he realised someone was standing in front of him, he looked up to me with his sad blue eyes. As he recognised me the sadness was replaced with hope and a little bit of joy.


„Tommy!“ he screamed gushingly and jumped to his feet, only to pull me into one of his famous Adam-hugs. I couldn’t resist him for very long and my arms were tightening around his waist, my head resting on his chest inhaling his scent. Oh man, this just felt so amazing, like it should always be like this.  


After an eternity, that still felt too short, Adam pulled back and looked at me with sad eyes again. Oh no, please don’t do this. Please don’t reject me and break my heart once and for all. That was all I could think. I could feel the tears swelling up again and couldn’t hinder them from falling down my cheeks.


Adams fingers were trying to stop the flood of tears running down my face, when he started babbling away. „Tommy, I am so sorry. I was the biggest idiot on earth. How could I do this to you. Please tell me how I can make up for that. I don’t want to lose you.“ His face turned serious and he blushed a little, when he shyly added: „I love you more than anything and I never wanna lose you. Please Glitterbaby, tell me you forgive me!“


I let the words repeat in my head. Wow, I had hoped, that he would say something like this. I wanted to hear that he loves me. But at the moment I felt a little overwhelmed. What was I supposed to do now? Just fling my arms around his neck and kiss him senseless? No I couldn’t just do that, or could I?


Adams frantic words: „Glitterbaby, please say something!“ pulled me back from my thoughts. Oops, I totally forgot to answer him. „Yes Adam, I forgive you. You know I can’t stay mad at you for too long, Babyboy.“ „Glitterbaby, you don’t know how glad I am. I was so afraid that I had lost you forever.“ he said beaming with joy and I was back in a Adam-hug straight away.


„Adam, I have a suggestion, how you can make up for everything!“ The glow in his eyes didn’t go away when he looked at me. „How Tommy? You need to know that I would do anything!“ was Adams answer. I blushed again until I finally said: „You love me and I love you.“ I got a vigorous nod.


„Then please kiss me already and prove it to me!“ I got out confidently, thank god. The words weren’t even out yet as I felt Adams lips on mine. They were massaging each other softly, before I felt his tongue licking across my lower lip. Greedy for more I opened my mouth slightly and Adam followed the invitation instantly. When our tongues started a duel and explored each others mouths, the soft kiss had turned into an eager and passionate smooching and I didn’t want to change that for anything in the world.


My hands were tingled in Adams black hair so he couldn’t get away. One of his hands was lying in my neck and one on my back holding me close to him. So he thought the same about not getting away.


I don’t know how long we were indulging in the passion but out of breath we had to pull away from each other. We were looking at each other smiling for a little while. Adams eyes were probably glowing like mine. „I think we should rather move this to a room. Anyone could see us out here in the hall way.” I said and pulled out my room key card. But Adam took my hand and pulled me towards the elevators. I looked at him asking. „You don’t want Monte walking in on us, do you?” Adam answered with a mischievous smile.


I had a hard time not to look at Adam all the time but he seemed to have a similar problem as our eyes met all the time on the way to his suite. Adam didn’t let my hand go once and that felt so damn good. When we reached the door to his room my heart was beating so fast and loud I thought it might jump out of my chest.


Nervousness was creeping up inside of me even though I know I can trust Adam. As if he could hear my thoughts he squeezed my hand and pulled me onto the couch. Sat down next to me, looked at me asking but still smiling and inquired. “What’s the matter Babyboy? Is something wrong?” I let my head fall down and blushed yet again. I couldn’t hold Adams gaze anymore.


Adam said very calm to me: „Glitterbaby, you need to know, that from day one, when I first saw you I thought you were attractive and so sexy. After getting to know you it only got more intense and I had fallen in love with you head over heals. Because I thought you were straight I never even tried to make a move. But on stage I enjoyed every moment to the fullest, because it was everything I was allowed to have. But now everything changes Tommy. Now that you know that I love you and I know that you love me too, we can share everything.“


Adam was looking at me totally happy but my gaze had fallen back into my lap. Adam put his fingers under my chin and pilled my head back up, so I had to look into his eyes and they were looking back at me nearly worried. „Glitterbaby, please tell me what’s the matter? You did say that you love me, or did I understand something wrong?”


I quickly shook my head and said: „No, Babyboy, you understood that completely right. I love you with all my heart.“ His eyes were glowing again at those words and the brightest smile I have ever seen on him crept to his lips. He squeezed my hand he was sill holding and asked: „What it is then, Tommy?“


„I am totally nervous and a little bit afraid as well!“ I said sheepishly. „Tommy, I am probably more nervous than you are. You do not need to be afraid. We won’t do anything you don’t want to do. We have all the time in the world. I am totally happy holding you in my arms and kissing those sensual lips of yours.” Adam assured me with all his confidence while he was still squeezing and stroking my hand.


„That’s not it Adam. I want to experience all of this with you and so much more. I have had one boyfriend and a few hook ups. But I am just nervous if it will be everything you imagined. I am afraid that I won’t be able to give you what you want and need.“ My head must have been red like a tomato when I expressed my concerns. Adam smiled at me sympathetically and said: „Glitterbaby, I feel exactly the same. I want to give you everything you want and need. But I’m sure we will figure out everything together and the fun will be a big part of that.“


At those words I couldn’t hide a smile. „Babyboy, you said you would do anything that I forgive you for being so hard of understanding?“ I said nearly mischievously. „Yeah, sure. Anything you want, Glitterbaby. Just name it!“ Adam answered quickly. „Then please kiss me and take me to bed.“ I breathed and couldn’t hide the lust from thinking about seeing Adam naked soon.


Adams eyes seemed to go darker all of a sudden but the lust grew in them. In one swift movement of hands I was sitting in his lap facing him. „My pleasure!“ he breathed into the kiss we instantly got involved in that I trembled. While our lips massages the other ones first soft and then more demanding, Adam got up off the couch and I clung myself to him closely like a monkey.


On the way to the bedroom our tongues were busy playing with each other. The feeling was incredible, so much better than any kiss we ever shared on stage. I was surprised when Adam let go of me to set my feet back on the ground. But pleased when he started to unbutton my shirt and push it off my shoulders only to put kisses on every part of naked skin revealed.


He wandered from my earlobe, where he nibbled at shortly, over my neck where he licked with his tongue down to my chest. When he bit my left nipple softly and licked over it soothingly, I couldn’t hold in a groan. Adam grinned at me and pushed me onto the bed that I didn’t realise was right behind me. Adam crawled over me on the bed and continued his fondlings where he had left them off.


My right nipple was next and I could feel my jeans getting tighter by the second, I was so turned on by Adams doing. When he reached the waistband of my jeans and fumbled with the first button, I had to collect all my concentration to say or better whisper, cause my voice wasn’t able to anything more: „Adam, please wait!“


He was looking up to me a little puzzled and I pulled him up to me by his shirt until his face was only a few inches in front of mine while his hands right next to it were holding his body up. “Is this going to fast, Glitterbaby, we can slow this down?” I quickly shook my head and said: „No, Babyboy, everything is ok. I just quickly have to tell you something. You remember me telling you about Sutan and that plan of ours?” Adam nodded and I continued. „Well, we were both hoping that it would lead to this and Sutan had told me a little secret about you, so I have a little surprise for you.“


„What did you do, Glitterbaby?“ Adam asked almost nervous. „Pull up my pants leg!“ I said a little shy. Adam crawled back down and did as I told him. He gaped at my hairless legs because I had them waxed. „Other than on my head there is none left! You can have a look!“ I said with the dirtiest smile I could manage without breaking into laughing.


I watched bemused as Adams facial expression changed from shocked to happy and understanding to pure sex as he fumbled with the buttons of my jeans again. When he finally got them undone and tried to pull them off me he discovered that I didn’t only spare the hair but also the underwear. Ups, totally forgot to mention that.


When the jeans had finally gone Adam just looked me up and down and said „You are so beautiful, I can’t believe that I can have all of this.“ I could feel my face warm up, this blushing was really getting on my nerves now, but I just wasn’t used to those kinds of compliments. I just smiled at Adam and before I knew what was happening his hands wandered along the insides of my thighs upwards and his tongue softly licked across the head of my more than hard cock, just to disappear as quickly as it appeared.


His tongue reappeared at my hip only to lick a wet stripe from one side to the other before it made its way back down south. I closed my eyes appreciatively and let Adam indulge me. His hands caressed my upper body while his tongue licked the under side of my dick from base to tip. His equally talented lips enclosed my glans just to let my hard cock vanish completely inside his warm mouth.


Adams tongue joined in when he moved his head up and down slowly. I couldn’t stop my hips from jerking up when my cock hit the back of his throat. This was the best blow job I ever got in my life. Adam new exactly what he was doing, I couldn’t stop moaning as my orgasm got dangerously close. I only got a warning “Adam, I …“ out, before I came in his mouth screaming his name. He swallowed it till the last drop and licked his lips when he wriggled his way up to me.


With a grin on his lips he stole a soft kiss before he laid down next me resting his head on one hand and looked at me. When I had slowly come down from my high I could only say: „That was amazing, Babyboy!“ „Yes, it was, Glitterbaby. Better than any dream!“ Adam uttered a little shy.


„Well, well, so you dreamt about me?“ I asked teasingly. „Often, but this was so much better than any dream!“ Adam whispered back. „Than we should make this even better!“ I smirked at him and pushed him on his back before I got on top of him. I kissed him passionately while my hands wandered under his shirt and pushed it upwards.


His skin was so soft as were the hairs on his chest. I only pulled away from his heavenly lips to pull his shirt off. Adam helped me and pressed me to his chest and his lips crushed on mine straight away. I broke away nearly breathless so I could indulge my way down his body with my hands, lips and tongue. I took in every reaction to my touches and licks, because I needed to know where his most sensitive spots are.


Just like he did to me before, I slightly bit into his nipple and got a heavenly moan of pleasure from Adam. Instantly I licked across the bud before the other nipple received the same treatment. My next stop was my tongue dipping into his belly button which I just couldn’t resist, while I opened his jeans. A little stripe of slightly dark hair pointing me towards my destination.


Carefully I slipped down Adams jeans and noticed to my pleasure that he wasn’t wearing any underwear as well. The view that was presented to me now couldn’t be outdone by anything. Adam opened his eyes and looked down to me as if he wanted to say ‘What’. I looked him up and down once more and breathed: „You really do have freckles everywhere, that is so cool!“ Adam grinned at me sheepishly.


My eyes were glued to his manhood and he really was as big as his tight jeans would suggest and even there were a few freckles. My tongue licked across the slit while my hand enclosed the shaft of his hard dick. My hand must have been shaking a little because Adam softly said: “You don’t have to do this!” I looked up to him and answered low-voiced: „I know, but I really want to. You are pretty big, but that’s something I want to get used to.“ I was a little nervous, I only had given a few blowjobs and Adam was bigger than anyone I was with. But I wanted to have everything of him and especially this.


With a smirk grin my lips hungrily engulfed the head and my tongue flicked over the slit a little more. Adam threw his head back and closed his eyes with a deep moan. I got more confident in my actions and bobed my head up and down as far as my mouth would allow his gorgeous dick in. When I felt Adams hand tangled in my hair pulling a little but not directing I could feel that he was having as much fun as I did. My hand was getting into a nice rhythm with my head going up and down.


„Tommy, I’m nearly there.“ I heard Adam breathe, while he slightly pulled my head up by my hair. I didn’t pull off completely because I wanted to taste everything of him. His orgasm only surprised me for a little moment before I began to swallow his love juices until the last drop. Adam tasted so good just like everything about him.


I slowly kissed my way back up to his face and finally his lips. I think I am already addicted to those full and soft lips. Adam returned the kiss as soft as I started it. Then I looked at me and said in a deep and totally sexy voice: „Glitterbaby, that was just amazing. You don’t know how much I love you!“ „I think you just showed me that before, Babyboy! I love you too and I am so deliriously happy right now!“ I breathed in his ear.


Adams strong arms wrapped around me and I was inevitably pressed against his warm and soft chest. I could feel his breath evening out as he came down from his high. Exhausted but overly happy my eyes fell shut slowly. I mumbled a „Good night!“ and pressed a kiss to his chest I was using as a pillow when sleep pulled me in. But the „Good night, sweetheart!“ from Adam I did just catch. I fell asleep smiling and happy.

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