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06 May 2012 @ 10:39 am
Promise Me - Chapter 1  
Title: Promise Me - Chapter 1
Author: shadowoftheday
Rating: PG13 (language)
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff - also featuring Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)/Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)/Mat Devine (Kill Hannah)
Summary: Everything seems to be back on track for Tommy Joe - his relationship with Adam is going well, and his friends seem healthy and happy. But when California legalises gay marriage, Tommy Joe realises that his relationship - and those of his friends - are not as strong as he thought. Sequel to "Burning in The Skies" and "Trade Mistakes".
Disclaimer: All fiction, entertainment purposes only, don't own, please don't sue!
Warnings/Notes: So I'm back! A little later than I intended but I hope you all enjoy it. Story title is a song by Kill Hannah, cut lyrics belong to "Shine" by The Used.

First story in this series - Burning in the Skies.

Second story in the series - Trade Mistakes

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Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff

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Gerard Way and Frank Iero

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Mat Devine and Mikey Way

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And just a little hint... Bert McCracken and Quinn Allman of The Used :)


The golden mid morning sunlight was warm as it danced across Tommy Joe's closed eyelids. He smiled softly to himself, stretching under the whispering sheets, sighing as various bones and muscles tensed and relaxed.

He melted back into the overstuffed mattress, smile widening when the bed dipped. Adam stretched out beside him, one long leg thrown over Tommy's. Tommy didn't even need to open his eyes to know that Adam was already showered and dressed, the thin cotton of Adam's new favourite My Chemical Romance shirt pressing to Tommy's exposed side. He could feel the heat of Adam's body through the shirt. When Tommy pressed his face to Adam's neck, he could smell the fruity bodywash Adam used. He smeared a sleepy kiss across the base of Adam's throat, smiling wider as Adam chuckled, low and pleased.

"Good morning, darling," Adam murmured, pressing a kiss to Tommy's nest of hair.

"Mornin'. Wake me up for a quickie before you need to go?" Tommy asked, trailing a hand down Adam's broad chest. He fanned his fingers out over Adam's heart beat, his sweet smile completely at odds with what he'd just said.

"Well, that wasn't my plan..."
"It's a good plan though, right?" Tommy interrupted. "You're gone for like, three whole days."
"It'll be alright, baby boy. You got plans with the guys, right?" Adam pointed out, rocking Tommy gently.
"Yeah, I guess. Gerard's in the same boat, Frankie's off on some Leathermouth dates for a few weeks. I think we're gonna have dinner with Mikey and Mat tonight," Tommy replied with a shrug.
"Good. And I'll be back by the weekend, for Gerard's art show."
"You'd better be. I love Gee Way to bits, right, but those art folk creep me out."

Adam laughed, bright and beautiful. Despite his impending moping, even Tommy couldn't hold back his chuckle.

He was being a bit dramatic, and he knew it. Things were just going so well. He'd moved in with Adam, properly and officially instead of living out of his duffel bag and a couple of drawers that Adam had emptied for him months before. They were stronger as a couple and Tommy knew it. They spent so much time as a couple - hanging out with Gerard, Frank, Mat and Mikey. Tommy even spent some time with Jared and Bill, awkward as it had been at first, because they were firm friends of Adam's now and Tommy knew if they were to have any sort of life together, they would have to live it together.

"I fucking love you," Tommy breathed, surging up to claim Adam's smiling mouth. Adam pulled him closer, a steady hand under Tommy's chin to deepen the kiss.

"I love you too," Adam murmured, trailing sweet kisses along Tommy's jaw. "But I have to go."

Tommy huffed, but with one last lingering kiss, unwrapped his various limbs from Adam's lean frame and flopped back on the bed. Adam leaned over him to press a sweet kiss to Tommy's forehead and ran his fingers through Tommy's long blonde fringe.

Tommy could only wave sadly as Adam picked up his carry on bag and left.

* * *

Gerard hadn't been upstairs into the main house for days. The basement of the LA house he shared with Frankie had been split into three decent sized rooms - a recording studio where My Chemical Romance practised and sometimes recorded various demos, an art studio where Gerard set up his easel and a desk for his sketchbook and a small bedroom with a cramped en-suite. The bedroom had been Frankie's idea. He knew that Gerard could get so caught up in his art that the idea of traipsing up the stairs was unbearable.

And so Gerard had practically moved to the basement when Frank had headed off on tour. With his first art show in a while coming up, he was wrapped up in painting and sketching. Mikey swung by at least twice a day, bringing a freshly cooked meal from upstairs. He even convinced Gerard to change out of his ratty pyjamas, bringing him some freshly washed clothes from the neat stack Frank had left in Gerard's side of the closet.

When the doorbell rang, Gerard ignored it. Mikey and Tommy had their own keys, and knew where to find him, and he didn't really want to talk to anyone else. Frank would be calling soon anyway, his mid afternoon pre-show make sure Gerard ate lunch call, and Gerard didn't want to miss it.

But whoever it was didn't go away. They rang the doorbell four more times, Gerard screwing his eyes up to ignore it. When it went quiet, Gerard released the breath he didn't realise he was holding, only to nearly shit himself less than five minutes later when a pair of battered boots appeared at the small window sunk high into the wall of his studio. Half of the window was taken up by the lush green lawn, but the feet of those hanging out in the back yard were sometimes visible.

"I know you're down there, Gerard. Can you come answer the fucking door?"

Gerard froze at the voice, recognising it instantly. The boots, the feet, the voice, belonged to Quinn Allman - guitarist and founding member of The Used, best friend to Gerard's ex Bert McCracken.

Bert. The thought of him had Gerard all tangled in knots. He'd loved Bert, loved him more than he ever thought he'd love anyone. But that was so long ago, when Gerard was new to the rock star business and drowning in cheap booze and dirty coke. Gerard got clean, got his life back, and lost Bert in the process. They had been together again, briefly, when Frank left and all Gerard could think of was going back to someone he knew loved him. Bert had dumped Gerard the first time round, second time round, Gerard had run off to London with Tommy Joe, unable to give himself to Bert and racked with , and guilt that he'd used someone he cared about to ease his own pain.

They'd spoken, after Gerard had cleaned up second time round and returned to LA with Frank, Mikey and Mat. They talked about everything and nothing at all, and Gerard was hoping they could be friends.

But Quinn, he was a different story. He'd never trusted Gerard, had never liked him. Gerard knew why, but didn't voice it. Couldn't bring himself to shatter Quinn's illusions that way, not out of cruelty or spite.

Quinn was stubborn though and Gerard knew he wouldn't just go away. So, he braced himself and headed upstairs. He was pleased to note the place seemed tidy, almost too tidy - Mikey must have cleaned up a bit.

It had been years since Gerard saw Quinn face to face. He remembered him as a bleached blonde boy, who used to roll his eyes when Bert explained the love song of their debut album had been about him, but would tug Bert closer all the same.

Quinn had changed - his blonde hair faded to his natural brown. He was as tall and thin as Gerard remembered, a deep set frown in place on his still youthful face.

"Quinn, this is...unexpected," Gerard said, standing aside so the guitarist could slip inside.

"Hello to you too, Gerard," Quinn smirked, following Gerard into the living room.

He went quiet for a moment, taking in the massive room. Gerard watched as Quinn's gaze took in the framed gold records, framed pieces of Gerard's art and the expensive home cinema system.

"You've done well for yourself, would even go so far as to say you're rich," Quinn said quietly as he sat down on the sofa. Gerard shrugged carelessly, perching himself on the coffee table opposite Quinn.

"This is Frank's place too," Gerard revealed. "We live here together."

"So I heard. Bet you guys have a place in Jersey too. And a crash pad in New York, no doubt."

Gerard frowned, wondering if Quinn knew more than he was letting on. They did have a place in Jersey, just down the street from Frank's mom, and their apartment in New York was small, but lovely.

"I'm pretty sure you didn't swing by to talk real estate, Quinn."

"Can you guess what I came to talk about?" Quinn asked, meeting Gerard's eyes with a small, sad smile.


* * *

Tommy was waiting at the end of the drive for Gerard to pick him up, enjoying the last of the sun's warmth before it dipped below the horizon. Gerard was running late - no surprise there - but Tommy didn't mind, spending the minutes texting with Adam.

Gerard ended up being twenty minutes late, rushing out of the car to wrap Tommy up in an apology hug.

"Don't worry about it, Gee," Tommy insisted as he got in the car.

"I don't know what happens, time just gets away from me," Gerard replied.

"Might have something to do with the fact you spend most of your day in a basement with no natural light," Tommy quipped, enjoying the wide easy grin that spread across Gerard's face.

Tommy took the brief, comfortable lull in conversation to really look at Gerard. He was pleased to note that his friend was looking much healthier - his hair had been cut and dyed a warm sunshine blonde. Gerard styled it like he'd just rolled out of bed, but Tommy wasn't sure if that was deliberate styling or if Gerard just hadn't bothered with it today. He had put on some weight since coming back from London, but he was still quite thin, tight black jeans stretched across the visible bones of his hips.

"You eating alright?" Tommy asked, unable to keep the concern from his voice.

"Yeah. Mikey swings by a couple of times a day, and he cooks for me."

"Do you eat it?"

"Mmhmm," Gerard hummed. "If I don't, he huffs at me."

"He's a good kid," Tommy said with a smile. "How are you holding up, Gee Way?"

"Adam left today, didn't he?"

"Answering a question with a question is so not cool," Tommy grinned. "Yeah, he did. Said he'd be back for your art show."


"So you dodged my question. Are you ok?"

"Yeah," Gerard said, quietly but with conviction. "Yeah, I'm ok. Frankie calls like three times a day, and we skype and shit."

"I didn't think he'd leave, he was frettin' over you so much."

"I convinced him," Gerard admitted. "He booked the tour while I was...you know. Away. He gets itchy feet after a while, likes to be on the road. Plus, I didn't want him to disappoint his fans. I'm doing so much better."

"You are. I'm super proud of you, Gee."

Gerard smiled shyly, a faint blush dancing across his pale cheeks.

"It's weird how things are going so well, isn't it?" Gerard said, grinning at Tommy in a way that made Tommy's stomach flutter. Friends or not, that grin could be positively lethal when Gerard turned it on you.

"Dude, don't jinx it!" Tommy laughed. "Things are going to work out this time, I know it."

Betty: pic#106177585fritzie2a_t on May 6th, 2012 01:49 pm (UTC)
Oh yay ! The boys are back. Probably not going to happen, but I hope things go better for all of them this time. So much has happened to them, I just want them to all be happy ever after, lol. Good chapter, can't wait for more of this.
fabwordsfabwords on May 6th, 2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
To have Gee smile like that at you would be mind blowing. Happy to see the boys again, I would like to say I hope they don't get into so much trouble this time, but you do angst sooo well. :)
lizibabes: Gerard redlizibabes on May 27th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)
I didn't see this till the second chapter came up, great start, I'm off to read the next part!!