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10 January 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Title: The Masseur (11/?)  

Title: The Masseur (11/?)

Author:  Amberwinters

Pairing: Adam/Kris

Rating: R

Summary: AU fic where Kris Allen is a successful pop-star and Adam is an out of work actor that just got his massage license and a good job.

Wordcount: 3195

Notes:  Thank you everyone for all your comments.  This one not so funny but I needed to get us where we are going.  Comments/Concit appreciated.

Warnings: Not too many, some cursing, some sexy times, some angst, some bad jokes.



Part 1:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/14518.html

Part 2:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/15034.html

Part 3:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/15132.html

Part 4:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/15454.html

Part 5:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/16057.html

Part 6:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/16238.html

Part 7:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/16577.html

Part 8:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/16856.html

Part 9:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/17036.html

Part 10:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/17407.html



Part 11:  http://amberwinters.livejournal.com/17416.html

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