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Adam Lambert Fanfiction
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Do you want to read fanfiction about the fabulous and talented Adam Lambert of American Idol season eight? Do you need a place to post your Adam/non-Idol contestant fanfiction, or just another place to promote your regular Adam/Other Idol fic? glambert_fic allows you to do just that! This community is open to any Adam Lambert fanfiction, regardless of whether the second person is on American Idol, as long as it follows the rules, of course.

  1. This is an Adam Lambert slash fanfiction community. You are welcome (and even encouraged!) to include the female contestants in your stories, but any Adam pairing must be slash. (Clarifications: m/f/m threesomes are not allowed; genderswaps are okay as long as anything physical happens when Adam and/or the other are still the same sex.)
  2. Again, however, who you are slashing him with is open. Adam/Brad? Great. Adam/Kris? Awesome. Adam/Draco Malfoy? SURE, WHY NOT.
  3. Be courteous to the other members!
  4. Try to ensure the posting of quality fanfiction. No one's going to be policing, but make sure you spellcheck, employ a beta, etc.
  5. Don't spam the community. If you are going to post multiple fics in the same day, post them all in the same entry if possible.
  6. Promotions may be allowed -- please contact one of the mods first.
  7. Please do not post fic that contains on-page non-con. Dubious consent and/or reference to events that do not take place in the actual story are allowable (however, please still warn), but non-con is not. There are other communities that allow these fics. This is not one of them. [Mod post on this]
  8. Please ensure fic posted can be accessed by everyone, i.e. they do not have to be friended by you to read. [Mod post on this]
  9. Always use warnings when appropriate. This is not a joke. If you have to ask if it needs a warning, it probably does. But if you're still not sure, contact a mod.

Your post should include the title, author, rating, pairing, summary, and warnings if applicable. You can mix up the order, but it needs to contain that basic information. Be sure to use an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, please click here.

If you'd like, you can use the following to paste and edit:

ai_kinkmeme - American Idol Kink Meme
brassidy_fans - Brad/Cassidy Fans
cassidyfanworks - Cassidy Haley fanworks

The stories posted here are the property of their authors. Anything posted is purely for entertainment value, not profit, and makes no claims as to the personal lives of the individuals. (Except for the fact that Adam Lambert is absolutely, completely fabulous.)

Your mods are anandrine and ruby_fruit. If you need anything, please contact one of us via the Page-A-Mod post or by private message (make sure you can receive PMs if you do that).

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