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Title: All We'd Ever Need (2/15)
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,433
Beta: adamgrrrl
Disclaimer: Adam and Kris belong to themselves. This did not happen, only in my mind.
Summary: Completely AU. Matt plays a show at the cafe; Adam suspects McStudly likes Matt instead of him.
Notes: Knowing me, this will probably be a 15 chapter fic because I have far too many ideas going on in my head.

Matt was cleaning up behind the counter during the afternoon slump, when only two customers were in the entire restaurant. He liked to get things done promptly and on time; this was actually the only thing he got done in a timely manner. He'd been best friends with Adam for more than seven years now and never imagined they'd be working together. Most people advised them not to do so, but he so rarely listened to the outside world about such things.

"Alright, it's spotless back there now," Matt called out as he walked back to the front.

Matt stopped in his tracks when he saw Adam staring out the plate-glass window and running his hands in a circle, cleaning the same bit of counter-space over and over again. He shifted his eyes upward to see what Adam was looking at outside and snickered to himself. McStudly. Of course. Hanging with a group of students in a grassy part of the UCLA campus that was visible half a block away from the Grind.

"You should take a picture. It'll last longer," he said as he gave Adam a sharp slap on the back.

Adam jumped and snapped back to reality. He hadn't realized he'd been staring at McStudly quite so avidly.

"Oh, you're done with cleaning?" Adam asked, obviously not hearing his first statement.

"Yeah, like I said," he said, laughing to himself. He picked up a short stack of flyers that were left on the table, advertising his show tomorrow night here at The Corner Grind.

"Why don't you hand those out, you know, out there?" Adam asked, flapping his hand in the general direction of the campus in the most subtle way possible.

"Don't you worry. I will," he said, winking back at Adam. "Oh, wait. I found these at one of the tables. Someone left them behind," he said, handing him some headphone splitters.

"What do you want me to do with them?" Adam asked, taking them from Matt.

"I don't know. You could listen to your iPod with McStudly and cuddle," he said, laughing loudly and walking out the door.

Adam just shook his head and smiled to himself. He stuck them in his tight jeans' pocket anyhow, just in case.

He watched enviously as Matt headed out the door and over to Kris, handing him one of the flyers and telling him about the show. Matt was one of those people that could talk anyone to death and he usually took advantage of that.

Adam shook his head, suddenly excited for the show tomorrow night. He'd seen Matt perform a million times before, but this time it would hopefully be different.


Finally, it was the night The Corner Grind crowd had been waiting for. Most of the usual people were already there and waiting to hear Matt Giraud sing his heart out. He'd become a favorite around here. One of these days, he'd actually go out and get a record deal. 

In his extreme anxiety, Adam's OCD-type behavior was at an all time high, cleaning at a frantic pace. He finally gave it a rest when he caught his own desperate reflection in the back of the counter. It was in reaction to the fact that it was more than halfway through Matt's set, and still no sign of him. He tried his damnedest not to think on it, but still couldn't keep himself from checking the time, and then the door, every five minutes.

Suddenly, Adam heard the familiar ring of the bell, and looked over to see McStudly enter. Oh, BLISS! To look upon the perfection that he had seen nearly every day for the past few months, and know it was for more than a coffee and the occasional muffin. Adam immediately stopped his frenetic pace to relax in the glow of his crush, while trying not to be too obvious with the staring.

He watched McStudly as he took in Matt's musical genius, standing with the rest of the crowd and casually glancing over at Adam once in a while.
Adam made his way out into the crowd, as well, to stand a little closer to him. He found being so close to his crush rather a bit intoxicating.

Matt finished one song and started talking to the crowd, much like he always did.

"This next song is for my best friend, Adam Lambert. We all know and love him. He owns this great place. And, no, I do not want to get with you, dude." Matt said into a wave of laughter, before starting to play 'Let's Get It On' once again.

Adam shook his head, grinning, watching Matt smile foolishly while he sang.

Suddenly, Adam felt a little breathless as McStudly leaned into his personal space to ask a question. "Are you two, like, a thing?" He seemed to be genuinely interested.
"Oh, no. We're best friends, only friends," Adam emphasized for his benefit. He smiled rather dazedly. McStudly just nodded at that and stepped back to take in the remainder of Matt's set.

Adam silently cursed himself. It would have been the perfect opportunity to strike up a real, actual not-trivialities conversation, where he might have, oh, maybe got the guy's name at the very least, but the need to clam up had been too large. Dammit! He's never been known for his taciturnity, so what the hell was it with this one guy? Adam made a mental note to smack himself a few times later when he was unobserved.


After the show, there was a mass exodus, except for a few, including the studly one. Adam watched him go over to Matt and strike up what looked to be an earnest conversation. It was too low for Adam to hear through the mild buzz of blather the last few customers were making, although he certainly gave it his best attempt.
Matt actually glanced over a couple of times while talking to him, catching the eager look on Adam's face that conveyed just how much he would give to be there right then. A few minutes later he left Matt and made his way to the restroom.

By that point, Adam's mind was racing, and a horrible suspicion was worming its way into his thoughts as he wondered what they might have spoken of. Adam remembered in vivid technicolor the day he had come in and Matt had sang the same song, and now here was Matt, having performed it again. There was the question of whether or not they were an item. And now this deep meaningful conversation? Oh, no. Could his McStudly be interested in Matt? Not that Matt wasn't a great guy, but... Not his McStudly!

"What the hell was that about?" Adam asked {sharply}, walking over to Matt.

"You mean, a conversation with the guy? You should try it once in a while," he shot back just as sharply. One thing he'd learned about Adam, if you really wanted to get your point across, brutal honesty was the only way to go.

"No, not that. What were you two talking about?" he simply asked, straightforwardly.

"I believe that was a private conversation. But, I'll let you know tomorrow. I'm kinda beat," he said giving Adam a fake yawn.

"Don't you pull that fake yawn with me! I was roommates with you in college and you were known for staying up for days," Adam said.

"Yeah, but I'm older now. It's kinda gotten to me," Matt said, completely egging him on.

"You're going to torture me, aren't you?" Adam asked, biting his bottom lip. This was something he often did when he was nervous.

"Yeah, it's kinda fun," he said laughing a little. He sighed audibly and watched Adam closely, who looked as if he was in actual pain. "He asked me about music and how I got so good. And, you know what I told him? You got me to where I am."

Adam felt somewhat of an ass right now and shook his head. That sinking feeling would come later, but right now he only felt relieved.

"Why, what did you think we talked about?" Matt asked, unaware of what Adam had originally thought.

"I thought that he might've been into you," Adam said, looking down.

Matt's eyes widened out of surprise and he let out a huge laugh.

"Dude, no. It's pretty obvious I'm not his type," he simply said.

"Why do you say that?" he asked, not knowing what Matt meant.

"You know, the good thing about performing in front of people is that I can see everyone's reaction. It's especially true in a small place like this. I can see how they react to the music or my witty comments. Or, how they look at other people in the crowd. I saw the way he was looking at you. And, of course the way you always look at him when you think no one else sees it," he said as he finished packing up his stuff.

Adam's face lit up, causing him to grin like a fool. When McStudly came back from the bathroom, Adam's clam-itis to flared up again.

"Hey, great show tonight," Kris sent a nod Matt's way, who tipped his hat in thanks. He shifted his eyes to Adam who couldn't stop smiling. "I'll see you tomorrow. First thing," he added as he walked out the front door. Adam stood there, grinning goofily until the words penetrated his besotted brain. He looked back to Matt, questioningly.

"Oh, right. I told him you'd help him with piano lessons," Matt added.

"You-- you what? You're the dueling piano player," he said in complete shock at the turn of events.

"Yeah, but I got a lot on my plate. Plus, you need a reason to use those headphone splitters," Matt said patting Adam on the back.

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