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Title: All We'd Ever Need (3/15)
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2, 204
Beta: adamgrrrl
Disclaimer: Adam and Kris belong to themselves. This did not happen, only in my mind.
Summary: Completely AU. Adam and Kris get to know each other.
Notes: It's Kradam and cute. <3

Sitting at the desk while the professor instructing the class droned on and on, Kris tapped his pen impatiently against his thigh as thoughts of his plans with Adam tonight flooded his brain. He'd been nearly sleepless last night, and now this never-ending class, a class which he usually enjoyed and flew by for him on any other day.

The graduate student instructing the class, David Cook, was the one who had recommended that he go to the Corner Grind in the first place; he always had business cards and flyers advertising the cafe littered across his desk and bulletin board, which he confided to Kris was owned and operated by his two roommates. During that first visit, just over two months ago now, he had been utterly hooked. And it wasn't for the coffee, although the coffee was very good. The Grind had so much more to offer!

From that day on, Kris had found himself wracking his brain for any excuse to go in there, just to spend those few moments with the friendly black-haired guy (Adam, according to the name tag) who always rang up his order and flashed him a dazzlingly warm smile. Unfortunately, that was where his tactical genius ended, until yesterday. When the other guy had come to him and thrust the flyer for "Music Night @ The Corner Grind" at him, he had felt like jumping up and screaming like a teenaged girl, although he thought he smothered that impulse valiantly.

He'd arrived late, which was bad enough, but then he'd gone and botched his only real opportunity for a meaningful conversation with Adam, asking just the one question before the realization of how close he was to Adam had overwhelmed him and made him step quickly back. He was still kicking himself over that. He felt like he was back in high school again-- getting butterflies over the guy he was crushing on.

Before he knew it, class was over and he couldn't be happier by that fact. The noisy rustle of backpacks and jackets brought Kris out of his reverie. The class was finished for the day, causing a giddy thrill to crash through his gut.

"Hey, man, doin' anything tonight?" David asked as he packed up his briefcase.

"Uh, yeah, I've got some plans." Kris smiled vaguely, not wanting to give anything away. With the thought of heading to the Grind, he felt like the Fourth of July, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, all mixed into one, on the inside.

"Oooh, mysterious. Do most guys find that hot?" David asked with a laugh. He was fully aware of, and quite comfortable with, the fact that Kris was gay. And why not? He has a gay roommate, after all.

"Some do. Let's hope this one does." Kris crossed his fingers as he grabbed his books and practically ran out of the classroom.


Kris headed out the doors of the UCLA building and over to The Corner Grind, the one thing he'd been looking forward to all day.

From a few feet away, he could clearly see Adam standing behind the counter, reading a magazine. It was a sight he'd seen every day for the past two months and it was even more exciting this time.

He tried not to let his nerves and those butterflies get the best of him as he opened the door, hearing the familiar bell ring.


Adam dropped the magazine that he hadn't actually been reading like it was radioactive. It was a useless distraction, one he tried to engage himself with to simultaneously keep himself from losing his mind from excitement and from completely chickening out of the whole deal. His nerves were stretched nearly taut.

"Hey. It's Kris, right?" Adam asked, as if he hadn't memorized and articulated his name at least a bajillion times after Matt told him.

Kris simply nodded at him. He was slightly relieved that it was out in the open like that. Their names, at least. He took a seat on one of the stools in front of Adam.

"Do you know why I come in here every day?" Kris asked him, leaning in closer to the counter.

Adam had no idea and shook his head, both a little entranced and unnerved as he waited for the answer.

"I can't make decent coffee to save my life. If my life depended on it, I wouldn't be here right now. So, you're kind of my savior. Also, watching you and ---" Kris' voice trailed off as he made a gesture to the back of the cafe with his hand.

"Matt," Adam supplied, laughing a little bit to himself.

"Right. Watching you and Matt interact and bicker with each other can be pretty entertaining, kinda like vaudeville, actually." Kris chuckled, his eyes crinkling in a way that made Adam's breath stutter. "Plus, being around you is..." Kris was prevented from finishing his thought when Matt interrupted them.

"Hey, so i'm heading out. Oh, Kris, hey bro," he said and slapped him on the back.

"Hey, man." Kris replied as he smiled to himself.

Matt looked at Adam, started to say something else just as he caught the death stare Adam was sending his way, and realized what he'd interrupted. Oh. Oooooh.

"You have a good night, Matt." Adam's eyes were filled with merciless death, and Matt felt sure if eye daggers were real, he would be filled to the brim with them at that moment. He thanked his lucky stars there were potential witnesses just outside the large plate-glass window of the cafe, as he replied, "Yeah, man, you too. Don't do anything I wouldn't!!" He shot Adam one twinkling wink before closing the door behind him, laughing.


Later that night, Matt was hanging out at the house when David came in, yelling his name.

"Matt! Please tell me we have some beer in the fridge," he said as he saw Matt jamming to his iPod. He walked up behind him and lightly smacked him on the head.

Matt twitched in surprise, then turned to regard his roommate with affection.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked, ripping the earbuds out.

"Do we have any beer?" he asked, yet again.

"Oh, yeah. I bought some earlier. Have at it," Matt said, setting his iPod down.

David nodded as he made a beeline to the fridge. He pulled out two Coronas, handed one to Matt, then chugged half of his in three swallows. It had been a long day at UCLA. "Where's Adam?" he asked as he took another swig.

"Oh, he's giving piano lessons to McStudly." Matt replied and sipped his own beer, not realizing that David was unaware of the nickname.

"Mc-who?" he asked in confusion.

"Oh, this guy Kris, from the cafe," he clarified.

An image of his TA flashed through his mind, but he immediately dismissed it, that couldn't be right. "Kris who?"

"Kris Allen." Matt was so busy giving himself a mental high-five for remembering the name he didn't notice the look on David's face at first. "What?"

"Why the hell would Kris Allen take piano lessons from Adam? He's the teaching assistant in all my music classes, and Adam? He could play circles around Adam! Probably you and me, too!"

"Wait, what? He asked me last night if Adam could give him lessons. Why would he do that if he's good enough to play circles around all three of us?" Matt started to look worried for Adam, actually started to reach for his cell, when David stopped him with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Wait. Have you ever pretended you needed help with something to get closer to someone you liked?" David asked in his thoughtful tone.

Matt looked blankly at David for maybe five seconds. Then, with a nearly audible click, the facts all snapped into place like puzzle pieces. Kris had a crush on Adam, Adam had a crush on Kris and each one was completely oblivious. Matt suddenly bent over grabbing his stomach as his face bloomed with uncontrollable laughter. David asked what was so funny, causing Matt to laugh harder and fall to the floor, which earned him another, rougher, smack to the back of his head. When Matt was finally able to speak clearly, he chuffed, "Oh. My. God. He likes Adam."

"Does Adam like Kris?" David asked.

"I think 'like' would be a gross understatement." Matt snickered and snorted and constantly wiped tears of hilarity from his eyes for the next twenty minutes as he told David the saga of Adam and McStudly.


Kris sat at the cafe's piano, playing with the keys while Adam was in the bathroom.

"Come on, you gotta tell me your favorite song. Maybe you could learn it," Adam said as he walked back in the room. He sat down on the bench next to Kris, enjoying just how close they were.

"Hey, Jude," Kris simply stated. "The Beatles were, well still are, a huge influence on me. And, that song is just amazing." He said, looking up at Adam.

"I never pegged you for a Beatles fan," Adam said with a slight smile, watching as Kris' fingers grazed the piano keys. There was something incredibly seductive at that sight.

"I never realized you were pegging me," he said with a small laugh.

"Oh yeah, you've been pegged. Get used to it," Adam said in a confident tone.

"I haven't really pegged you yet," Kris admitted.

"If you did, how would you peg me?" Adam asked out of interest.

"Unpredictable. You were kinda quiet at first. Now, not so much," he said with a grin.

"It's hard for me to open up, you know. But, now it's not so difficult," Adam admitted. He was actually quite amazed that his clam-itis hadn't afflicted him throughout the evening they'd spent so far. Amazed and grateful.

"I'd hoped you'd open up for me," Kris said, emphasizing the words.

Adam felt a flash of heat sear through him like a tidal wave when he heard that. His breath stuttered a bit, but he managed to cover it by clearing his throat.

"I hate to say this, but I'm kind of lessoned out for the night," Kris added.

"Oh. Did you want to, um, go?" Adam asked, timidly, hoping and praying for a 'no'.

No!" he exclaimed. Then, a bit more calmly," I mean, uh, no, of course not. I'd kind of hate that. I thought maybe we could just chill over there for a while," he said as he got up from the piano bench.

Adam looked over at the couch Kris motioned to with his eyes, then back to Kris. "Yeah, sure." They both headed over and sat, Adam in the left corner and Kris just to his right, barely a page's width of distance between them. Kris pulled out his iPod and offered Adam one of his ear buds. "Oh! Wait!" Adam jumped up from the couch and ran behind the counter to rummage in the cafe's "lost & found/junk drawer" until he came up with the prize: one headphone splitter. He then detoured to where his coat was hung up and snatched the earphones from his own iPod before heading back to the couch and one slightly bewildered McStudly in triumph.

"What's that?" Kris asked as Adam plopped back into his original space.
Adam grabbed the iPod and made the necessary adjustments, handed it back and said, "Headphone splitters. Someone left them behind last week. Win!"
Kris sent Adam a sly grin and worked the iPod to find the playlist he wanted, then leaned back to get comfy.

A song unfamiliar to Adam started to play, and the lyrics caught his interest,

While you were sleeping,
I figured out everything:
I was constructed for you,
And you were molded for me.
Now I feel your name.
Coursin' through my veins.
You shine so bright, it's insane.
You put the sun to shame.

Kris looked up at Adam when he heard that and smiled to himself. He couldn't help but smile like an idiot right now. He knew this song well, but almost forgot about the context of the words.

"I like this song," Adam simply stated to Kris, who just smiled at him.

Adam reached his arm around to go across the top of the couch, right above Kris' shoulder. He wanted to just pull him closer and, well, cuddle. He forgot how right Matt was at this moment about the cuddling.

Kris leaned his body in closer to fit right under Adam's upper arm, letting him know that he wanted to be closer to him.

Adam felt Kris's warmth against him and felt that flash of heat again, screaming over his skin like a lightning bolt before settling in the center of his groin, pleasantly so. But now wasn't really the time for that, so he ignored it as well as he could, as he wrapped his arm around Kris' shoulder and pulled him close. They sighed in stereo.

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