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fic: the truth's in his eyes

Title: The Truth's In His Eyes
Author: asm614
Rating: PG
Pairing: Adam/Kris (implied), Adam/Brad (friendship)
Disclaimer: This didn't really happen. Sadly.
Summary: In response to the prompt: Kris/Adam, after L.A. concert, Brad being at the show brings out a jealous side of Kris, anywhere from PG to R, obviously post-Idol
Authors Notes: Written for Round Two of the ontd_ai Drabble Meme.

“I can’t tell if he’s got something up his ass or he needs something up his ass,” Brad mused aloud as he lingered near Adam’s side at the meet-and-greet after the L.A. show.

“Who?” Adam asked, distracted, as he scribbled autographs and exchanged pleasantries with his adoring public.

“Our American Idol. Seriously. Who pissed in his Froot Loops?” Brad did not sound impressed. He’d expected a lot more after all he’d heard about the amazing and illustrious Kris Allen. Their first few meetings during the season had been fine, and sure, Kris was cute as hell, but right now, it was hard to appreciate the goods, given the scowl he was trying to hide.

“Kris? What’s wrong with Kris?” Adam’s head popped up, suddenly attentive, and there was a note of alarm in his voice.

Brad smirked. This was too precious. “I think he’s jealous.”

“Jealous?” Adam sounded confused. “Of whom?” He looked down at Brad who gave him a pointed stare. “Of you??”

Brad scoffed. “Don’t sound so shocked, Poodle. I’ll have you know plenty of people are jealous of me. Of course, a whole lot of that has to do with my past of fucking you. But... that’s beside the point, and not terribly different than what we have here.”

Adam frowned. “Kris knows better than to be jealous. He’s got nothing to worry about. Quit trying to start shit.”

“Don’t believe me?” Brad asked in a challenging tone. “Watch this.” And without further warning, he snaked his arm around Adam’s, and used it as leverage as he leaned up to press a kiss to the side of Adam’s face, near his left ear, making sure to maintain as much body contact as possible. For all intents and purposes, the kiss was chaste, though the act itself was not.

“What are you doing?” Adam hissed, glaring at Brad with wide eyes. “He’s right there.”

Brad shrugged. “Just look.”

Adam glanced across the room to Kris, and sure enough, he’d seen everything – the expression on his face said it all. Adam hated to admit it, but Brad was right. Kris was jealous, and it was pretty much the most adorable thing Adam had ever seen.

“I should-“ he started to say, but Brad shushed him.

“I’ve got this one.”

Leaving Adam’s side, Brad slinked across the crowded floor until he was next to Kris. Nearly the same height, they gazed evenly at each other, Kris trying to keep his features neutral, and pretty much failing. Brad grinned.

“I thought for sure that Adam would be the flaming one between the two of you, but that fire you’ve been shooting out your eyes at me makes for quite the competition,” Brad said smoothly, nudging Kris in the side.

“I’m not –” Kris started to object, jerking away, but Brad cut him off.

“Oh Sweet Pea, but you are. And I came over here to tell you one thing. You watch that boy over there, you know which one. And you pay attention that look on his face. Are you watching?”

“Yes,” Kris muttered.

“If there’s anyone in this world who is qualified to diagnose the look of Adam Lambert in love, it is moi. And I can tell you with undisputed certainty that he’s got it something bad for you, Mr. Champion. So put away the bitch face and I’ll be out of your artfully disheveled hair before you know it, mmmkay?” Brad finished his diatribe and gave Kris a sweet smile and a pat on the cheek before walking away.

Kris nodded wordlessly, feeling about three inches tall. He was being stupid, and he knew it. He waited until he was sure Brad had made it back across the room before looking up again.

Both Adam and Brad were watching expectantly. Brad gave a cutesy little wave and grin, but Adam just gazed at him, and in that moment, Kris saw it.

Relief flooded his brain, and finally, he felt his face relax into a genuine smile.

Adam was his.
Tags: fic, pairing: adam/brad, pairing: adam/kris, rating: pg

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