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Title: All We'd Ever Need (4/15)
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,762
Beta: adamgrrrl
Disclaimer: Adam and Kris belong to themselves. This did not happen, only in my mind.
Summary: Completely AU. Adam and Kris get to know each other.
Notes: Sorry for the delay on this. I haven't abandoned it, I swear. I've just been having some personal issues.

Chapter 1 is here: http://community.livejournal.com/kradam_ai/443841.html#cutid1
Chapter 2 is here: http://community.livejournal.com/kradam_ai/446624.html#cutid1
Chapter 3 is here: http://community.livejournal.com/kradam_ai/462447.html#cutid1

Sunlight was gliding in through the blinds that covered the inside of the cafe early the next morning. Kris and Adam were still cuddling each other in the same upright position they had fallen asleep in.

After a few moments, Kris' eyelids began to flutter. He was momentarily confused as to why he wasn't in his bed, but when he felt Adam's arms gently shifting around him, the memories of their night together came flooding back. It was a night he wanted to never forget. Kris had dreamt he would wake to find it had all been a fantasy. He'd feared waking up and Adam not being there. But, now that he was fully conscious and looking over at Adam, it made all the empty spaces in his heart fill up quickly.

Kris ran his hand over Adam's, tracing the contours of his knuckles, the long narrow digits, the chipped polish. He wanted to memorize it all. He wanted to memorize the feel of Adam's soft skin against his own.

Adam's eyes shifted open when he felt Kris' hand over his. He felt his chest tighten as he looked over to see Kris smiling back at him.

"Worst sleeping position ever," Adam said, trying to make his eyes open completely so he could drink Kris in. He stretched out a crick in his back and grunted with that pleasure.

"I slept pretty good," Kris said with a soft laugh, admiring Adam's movement and the noise it produced.

"That's because you were buried in my ribcage," he said as he settled back into a more comfortable position. He paused, then said quietly, "I wouldn't mind doing that again."

"What - me crushing your ribcage?" Kris asked, and adjusted his own position to accommodate but still stay close.

Adam let out a soft laugh. That wasn't something he'd prefer to do again.

"No, the... just the cuddling part. In a bed," Adam clearly stated, to let Kris know that he wanted to be alone with him outside of the cafe.

"Mmmm, I like the way you think," Kris agreed.

"I have roommates," Adam said, meaning he'd rather go to Kris' place.

"I know," Kris stated, immediately covering his mouth.

"Wait. How did you know that? Did Matt tell you?" Adam asked out if interest.

Kris contemplated his answer, but knew he couldn't lie to him about anything. "No, he didn't. I, uhm, I know David," Kris finally told him.

"My David? How?" Adam asked.

Kris cleared his throat nervously. "I am a TA at the university. In the... in the music department," Kris stated, hoping that Adam would quickly figure it out.

Adam's forehead crinkled up in confusion. "You... work in the music department and you needed piano lessons because--?" Adam paused for a moment. Kris just waited in silence, letting Adam work it out. "You didn't need lessons."

Kris shook his head.

"So, why would you--?" Adam trailed off.

Kris could feel the blush in his cheeks. "I just... I needed a reason to be able to spend some time with you. Without the required coffee purchase. I'm not a bold person and I wasn't sure how you'd feel about that," Kris admitted. He watched as Adam's forehead slowly smoothed out and a smile bloomed over his beautiful features, causing Kris' chest to tighten perceptibly.

Adam smiled bashfully to himself, felt his own skin flushing as he finally realized that Kris felt the same attraction he'd been experiencing for months now. He intertwined their fingers and placed their clasped hands over his heart, never taking his eyes from Kris'. "You don't need a reason to be close to me," Adam assured him. They stared into each others' eyes for several moments until a noise outside on the sidewalk brought them from their reverie.

"What do you say we venture outside the cafe today?" Kris asked. He knew the cafe was closed today so seeing each other somewhere off the premises was probably a good idea.

"Sounds like a great idea. How about I meet you at the beach? I just need to change," Adam offered up. He wasn't even sure if Kris liked the beach, but he had a feeling that he might.

"Sounds perfect," Kris stated.


A few hours later, Kris was camped out on a towel, watching the waves rush in and fidgeting as he wondered if Adam was going to be here soon or not. Even after the night they had shared, followed by their very pleasant wake-up this morning, he wondered if he'd show up. In the back of his mind, he was still afraid Adam might change his mind and reject him. He scrubbed his hands roughly over his face, scratched his neck nervously. It was a fear he was trying to conquer, with mixed results.

Kris was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a cool touch calm the hand he'd been running over the back of his neck. It sent a shivery blast of chilly delight down his spine, and he didn't need to look to see who it was. He did look up, though, to see Adam smiling at him. Before he knew it, Adam was plopped down right next to him.

"You better share the towel, I don't want sand getting on these pants," Adam said with a smile. 

Kris immediately shifted over so Adam could sit completely on the towel. "Yeah, that would be pretty tragic," he deadpanned, wondering why he wore them to the beach if he didn't want them to get sandy.

"It would. You have no idea," he replied in the same tone, and Kris couldn't quite tell if he was being serious until Adam playfully bumped their shoulders and grinned. "So, since we're trying to get to know each other, why don't you tell me some things about you," Adam said.

"Oh. Umm, okay, here goes. My first love is my guitar. I love music more than anything, which I'm sure you're figuring out by now. I'm extremely modest and it's hard for me to believe the good things that others tell me. I like plaid shirts a lot. I can't cook to save my life, but I told you that earlier. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I met you for a reason I may not know, but I couldn't be happier," Kris blurted out.

Adam could only stare for several seconds. "You are...just so.... perfect," Adam stated, never taking his eyes off Kris.

Kris couldn't contain the huge blushy grin on his face when Adam said that.

Adam smiled back at him and pushed a hair out of his own face. He leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, "And gorgeous," he added.

"I only feel gorgeous when I'm with you," Kris admitted.

"Don't say that, you'll just make me never want to leave," Adam said.

"Please don't," Kris murmured, hoping he never would. Kris was slowly letting Adam crumble those walls down that he worked so hard to keep up.

"Cross my heart," Adam laid his hand on his own chest, where his heart was pounding.

Kris placed his hand on top of Adam's and their eyes locked onto each other.

Adam knew this was the perfect moment to take the next step. He'd been wanting to kiss Kris' perfectly constructed lips from the moment he saw him. He never took his eyes off of Kris' as he leaned in, feeling the space between them quickly shrink. Right now, for them, no one else existed in this world. It was just them and that was how it should be. He often felt like that with Kris, but now it escalated almost painfully.

Kris felt the heat between their two bodies when Adam moved in close. He hadn't removed his hand from on top of Adam's.

"I like it when you're on top," Adam stated, referring to Kris' hand.

Kris couldn't help but smile wider at the double entendre. "Shut up and kiss me," Kris said.

Adam pressed his soft eager lips against Kris' and felt a surge of passion run through him in a fiery tsunami. All the want he'd been feeling for Kris, he just put into his kiss. He stroked Kris' lower lip with his tongue slightly, waiting for entrance.

Kris' heart beat faster and his breathing grew labored as their lips connected. It was soft and sweet at first, like they'd already done this a million times before. When Adam's tongue slid along his lip he eagerly opened up to let him in. He let his own tongue glide along with Adam's rhythmic sway.

After a few minutes, Adam had to pull away. He needed to catch his breath, no matter how perfect Kris kissed or tasted. He pressed his forehead against Kris'. "You really are perfect," Adam stated breathlessly.

Kris just smiled a little as he tried to catch his own breath. "Would you like to go out with me?" Kris asked.

"I thought you'd never ask. Of course I would," Adam said with a smile.


Later that day, Adam came home to find David and Matt just hanging out. He walked up behind David and smacked him hard on the back of his head. David jumped up at the sudden pain in his head and whirled around. "What was that for?" David griped and rubbed his offended scalp.

"Oh, you know," Adam stated and looked directly at him, arms folded tightly across his chest.

David stood up, completely confused. "No, I really don't," he explained.

"You should've introduced me to Kris way before now, which you didn't."

"But I'm the one that told him about the cafe in the first place! You can't expect me to do all the work!" David groused.

Adam just flapped his hand in an 'I'm done with you' motion and turned his attention to Matt.

"Don't you even think about hitting me," Matt said, having jumped up and behind his chair when Adam hit David. He held his hands out defensively.

Adam just walked over to Matt and stared hard at him for a moment, before breaking out into a sunny smile. "Thank you, Matt," Adam spoke softly.

"For what?" Matt asked, confusion and suspicion warring plainly across his face.

"For pushing me. All the talks you gave about Kris. As much as I hate to say it, you were right," Adam admitted, and gave Matt an appreciative hug, while David grumbled -- "Aaww, man!" -- quietly in the background.

"One day, Adam, you will learn that I'm always right."

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