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Fic: Mad or chill

Title: Mad or Chill
Author: rubyfruit
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Series: Follows AOR which follows TWOTW(IL).
Summary: Wherein there are confessions and things are still complicated.
Warnings: Still with the infidelity. And I'm pretty sure that's it for this one.
Notes: anandrine is still my enabler beta, title still nipped from Ginsburg's 'Song' and at some point I'm really going to demand that Lambert unhand my brain.

“Situation…trust you…getting into.”

Kris knocks lightly at the door of Adam and his room and gets a ‘come in’ in stereo. Adam and his mother are sitting cross legged on Adam’s bed, and Adam is carefully putting the last touches of deep purple polish on her thumbnail. Kris smiles, stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Hey, sorry Mrs. Lambert. It’s just we’ve got a photoshoot.”

Leila smiles back and Kris is briefly dazzled. It’s very obvious where Adam got his charm and most of his looks. She stands and slips on her shoes.

“It’s no problem. Thank you, Kris.”

She kisses her son on the forehead, her hand resting briefly on his hair. Adam stands and hugs her like he’s twenty years younger and two feet shorter.

“Bye mom, say hi to Paul for me, okay?”

She promises to and waves both of them off firmly when they try to walk her out.

Kris leans against the door frame and watches Adam switch his sweatshirt for a grey t-shirt with a deep vee neck and dig for his boots under the bed.

“Paul’s the blond, right?”


Adam won’t look at him, and Kris frowns.

“You okay?”

Adam glances at him, eyes clear and pale in the mid-morning sun.

“Fine. Why?”

Kris shrugs, and Adam slings an arm around his shoulders, pulling Kris out of the room with him.


The fun of photoshoots is wearing a little thin for Kris. He thinks he’d like them better if he wasn’t so bad at them. His sexy face keeps getting mixed up with his awkward face.

Adam, of course, is annoying good at the whole thing. The photographer has loved Adam since the first time when they pointed him at that weird ball chair and Adam had curled up on his back with his knee pulled up to his chest. Something Kris still calls foul and playing dirty on. But the photographer had just laughed and said something in French to his assistant before going over and making a few adjustments. Tilting Adam’s knee, adjusting his arm and his hair before stepping back and snapping pictures. The look Adam had leveled at the camera had made Kris blush, and Megan mutter about putting a leash on that boy.

Rehearsal comes after and it’s just past nine when they get back to the mansion. The chef had left covered plates on the range and they take them and pile into the biggest living room, dropping exhaustedly onto couches. Adam is promptly piled on by two thirds of the girls, Megan with her legs across his lap and Allison with her back against his arm. Kris claims the loveseat and its ottoman with Matt. He doesn’t trust himself not to drop his plate right now, and really doesn’t want to get skinned alive by housekeeping.

Matt yawns hugely, setting them all off, and they giggle in the aftermath.

“We are wild and crazy guys.” Matt mangles Steve Martin’s accent.

“This is sorta pathetic,” Anoop agrees, chewing slumped over with his chin on his hand.

“We should do…something. Something fun,” Megan offers, her head tilted against Adam’s shoulder.

There’s a vague murmur of assent, but no one moves.

“Truth or dare!” Allison blurts into the silence. Danny nearly drops his plate, and everyone stares for a second. Then Adam snorts and they all start laughing.

“What? Shut up, it’s a good idea. And it’s not like you guys are full of suggestions.”

Adam, still snickering, ruffles her hair.

“Girl, you are way too young to play that game with me.”

Danny snorts, and Adam glances at him.

“So are you, Gokey.”

That sparks a fresh round of laughter, and Allison sulks, cheeks pink.

The conversation turns to song selection, which has become a group activity, just in case who a particular song goes to has to be settled with the best two out of three in Rock-Paper-Scissors. Eventually, Allison’s mom collects her, and Danny, who already has his song, and is nearly asleep in his plate, walks Scott upstairs. They’re merely quiet and companionable for a while, then Matt reaches out and thumps Kris’ arm.

“So hey, truth or dare, Kristopher.”

Everyone groans, and Anoop pitches his balled up napkin at Matt’s head.

“Dude, seriously?”

Matt crosses his arms, insistent.

“Come on, you fuckers. If we’re not going to have fun, then let’s at least tell embarrassing stories about when we used to have fun.”

“You are sad, Matt. You are a teenage girl.” Kris shakes his head.


“The man has a point. Or are you hiding some deep, dark secrets, Kris?” Anoop grins, eyebrows waggling ridiculously.

Kris resolutely does not look at Adam.

“Shitheads. Fine. This is so, so lame. Truth.”

“Your mom is lame, Allen. And okay, anyone ever walk in on you spanking it?”

Kris goes red, and Lil chokes on her pasta. Adam just laughs.

“Way to start it off with class, Matt.”

Kris is going to give himself a headache trying not to look at Adam, the way this is going. Two days ago, Kris in the shower and Adam had barged in to get a ring of his or something. “Don’t stop on my account” and Adam leaning against the sink, eyes narrowed appreciatively. Kris lies.

“My mother. Once. Dad bought me a lock for my door the next day.”

Kris takes the laughter and sympathetic groans with a shake of his head, eyes on his plate. Matt thumps him on the back.

“Classic trauma, awesome.”

Kris flips him off. He tries to keep it out of the gutter, requesting Lil do her booty dance, but Megan is having none of it.

“Your virginity, Lambert. When, where, and with who.”

They all laugh way too loud – even Kris, who knows this story - punchy with exhaustion, and Adam protests.

“That’s three questions!”



Anoop is nearly horizontal in his chair, plate balanced on his stomach. “Oh answer it, Adam. You can humiliate Matt next.”


Adam sighs hugely, but he’s smiling.

“Fine, you perverts. Sixteen, Kevin Green, his house while his parents were out of town and mine thought I was at theater rehearsal,” He goes a little pink. “Living room floor. Which I do not recommend, by the way, rugburn is a bitch.”

It takes everyone at least a minute to stop laughing and teasing Adam, and Kris takes at too-big bite of pasta to hide his surprise. Adam is lying.

He catches Adam’s eye and Adam’s expression just barely flickers before he turns to Matt and smiles with obvious evil intent.

“Ever been with a guy, Matt?”

Matt’s ears go bright red, but he grins cockily. “Hey, I’ve been a college man. I’m just sayin’.

The game never does get out of the gutter. Anoop does a pantsless handstand, and Lil’s answer to the weirdest place she’s ever had sex - “backseat of a Volkswagen” - makes everyone stare for a minute. Frankly, Kris is impressed.

Megan stands up and rolls down the waistband of her pants for “show us where else you’re tattooed” and Matt and Anoop whistle and clap appreciatively.

Adam’s expression at “ever had sex with a girl?” makes Matt howl, and nearly fall off the loveseat.

“Uh, no. And shut up, Matt.”

Matt wheezes, and Adam stares at him in a way that Kris recognizes as meaning Matt is absolutely fucked, especially when he picks ‘dare’.

“Kiss me, college boy.”

Matt goes alarmingly redder, and Megan makes a strangled noise and almost elbows Lil in the face while getting off Adam’s lap. Kris sees Adam look briefly surprised when Matt actually gets up and steps towards him. Matt is not graceful, and Adam gets out half of an “ow, Jesus” before Matt grabs his head and plants one on him. All Kris can see is Matt’s back, and Adam’s black nails on his shoulder, but the girls squeal and Anoop laughs disbelievingly.

When Matt sits back he throws his arms in the air like he just scored a touchdown. Adam sputters and wipes his mouth.

“Ugh, no wonder you’re single.”

Matt just leers, and wiggles in Adam’s lap, which gets him shoved away and replaced with Megan, who Adam holds like a particularly giggly shield.

Matt is still grinning hugely and when he looks over, and Kris knows exactly what’s coming. He stands up.

“Y’all are officially nuts. I’m going to bed.” He gets booed and cat-called out of the room, but there is no way in hell he’s staying. He’s not sure what would make him look worse, kissing Adam, or refusing to.

Kris takes a shower – he learned early that it’s best to let Adam have the run of the bathroom in the morning. When he gets out Adam is sitting on his bed in his boxers with his laptop open to yet another fan forum.

“You have got to stop reading that crap.”

Adam sets the laptop aside when Kris stops at the edge of the bed.

“Strategic exit back there.”

“It seemed wise.”

“Mmm.” Adam tosses Kris’ towel aside and pulls him down. Kris straddles him awkwardly. This is still outside Kris’ comfort zone, and he feels exposed and off balance. He kisses Adam’s freckled shoulder and breathes him in.

“Probably. Matt kisses like a straight guy.” Adam rubs his thumb over Kris’ mouth. “You’ve improved considerably.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Kris puts Adam’s mouth to better use than insulting him, and kisses him lightly and teasingly with his hands braced on Adam’s shoulders. Just barely slipping his tongue into Adam’s mouth, Kris waits until Adam is opening hungrily under him, before giving it to him.

“Okay, now you’re just showing off.” Adam’s voice is warm and affectionate and his cheeks are pink.

“Maybe you’re just easy.”

Adam lays back and wiggles sideways until they’re on the bed properly and Kris is between his legs.

“I resent that, and demand you make it up to me.”

Kris sits back, getting an eyeful of Adam’s long, pale torso, the constellations of freckles and his erection caught in his boxers.

“You call yourself that.”

A tube of lube and a condom smack into his chest.

“I realize that I should be the responsible one here and not pressure you, since this is your whole thing, but I’m kind of over that. Fuck me.”

Whether or not Kris is ready for this, or even wants to cross the line from fucking around to actual fucking is pretty moot in the reality of Adam stretched out under him, demanding it.


Adam just lifts an eyebrow, and Kris shakes his head, stripping Adam’s boxers down his legs. Adam tucks his arms behind his head and watches Kris, amused and relaxed.

“Have you ever done this before? Like, with a girl?”

Kris wrinkles his nose.

“Once. It was…abortive.”

Adam huffs, but it’s sweet, not mocking.

“Hmm. It’s basically the same. But I promise not to say stop.” His smile is a little goofy and a lot hot, and Kris runs his hands down Adam’s thighs, grinning back.

Adam arches off the bed to push a pillow under his hips, and giggles a little at himself off Kris’ look.

“Let me guess, you did it with her on her knees?”

Kris goes red, but nods. Adam tsks at him.

“Don’t get all embarrassed on me, Mary. It’s easier that way. I, however, like it better on my back.”

Kris takes a moment to think about that, rolling the tube of lube between his palms to warm it. Adam watches him, face affectionate.

“Oh, a gentleman.”

It takes Kris a minute to realize what he means, and then he ducks his head, oddly embarrassed. Adam’s knee rubs gently against his side. Kris slicks his fingers and presses them into Adam, who gives a gusty sigh and lets his legs fall further apart. Strange and slick and muscular but not entirely unfamiliar. Kris is actually less nervous right now and watches the muscles in Adam’s stomach contract; he has freckles all the way up the insides of his thighs.

“Stop being so careful, and – ah fuck.”

Kris grins. Adam isn’t the only one who’s been spending time on the internet. Adam stays quiet except for the hitches in his breathing, and Kris goes back to watching the long muscles in Adam’s thighs move, watching him get harder.

“Say something.”

Kris glances up, Adam is flushed and dark eyed.

“Why did you lie, before?”

“What? You really want to talk about that when you have your finger-nngh.

Kris pushes a third finger in hard, twists, and watches the flush spread down Adam’s chest.

“I could stop.”

“I could kill you.”

Adam isn’t very threatening, naked and spread around Kris’ fingers. Kris cocks an eyebrow at him, starts to pull away and Adam’s legs lock around him.

“Fine, alright?”

Kris settles back in, fingering Adam slowly, one hand on his tense stomach. Adam licks his lips, looks at the ceiling through his bangs.

“I told you, and that’s fine. But they don’t need to know that until we split I’d only slept with Brad.” Adam’s mouth quirks wryly and Kris kisses his knee. “I have a reputation to uphold. Besides, it was only h-half – do that again – a lie. Kevin was the first guy I ever fooled around with, we just never fucked.”

Kris runs his thumb up the big vein on the underside of Adam’s cock – distraction and reward.

Adam sighs and rolls his hips, looking at Kris again.


Kris grins at him, Adam’s breath hitches when he slips his fingers out.

“Not yet.”

Adam snorts, flicks the condom at him.

“Then get to it, big boy.”

Kris’ fingers are slick enough that he has to use his teeth to get the condom wrapper open. True to his word, Adam doesn’t say stop when Kris presses into him, even though he’s tight enough that Kris thinks it must hurt. He only bites his lip, his eyes nearly shut and face smooth.

Kris maybe panics - a little at first, when he’s all the way in - because it is strange, and it’s been so long since any one but Katy. But he does it quietly, and Adam doesn’t notice, just rocks his hips and flexes around Kris, who swears softly and pushes just a little deeper.

It’s awkward, Adam feels like twice the size of the people Kris is used to having in his bed and he keeps moving at the wrong time, throwing Kris off his rhythm. Adam squirms beneath him, impatient.

“You fuck like a girl. Come on, give it to me.”

Kris is starting to think Adam sleeps with small guys just so they can’t throw his ass out of bed. Adam curls up slightly and the crunch of his chest and belly makes Kris think of that chair, Adam looking out, face gone soft and wanting. He catches Adam behind the knee and folds his leg up towards his chest, trying to make him hold still.

It works, Adam’s breathing gets sharper and faster and when Kris presses harder Adam’s fingernails bite into his shoulder.

“Fuck, please-”

Kris snaps his hips forward and Adam groans. Kris’ back is going to look like hell tomorrow but this, at least, is familiar. Pinned down, Adam is noisy and pliant and Kris watches him jerk himself – red, wet cock, big hands, muscled stomach and flat chest - and wonders at how something so different can still unquestionably do it for him.

Adam comes first, shaking and groaning and telling Kris not to stop. He pushes his fingers into Kris’ hair and talks to him, throaty and soft as Kris’ rhythm gets more erratic and he comes, little sparks behind his shut eyes.

Adam hisses softly when Kris pulls out, and he drops the condom into the wastebin. One of the nice things about fucking a guy, Kris thinks, is that you don’t have to feel bad if you collapse on your partner afterwards. Adam shifts under him, stretching out his legs and he ruffles Kris’ hair gently.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.”

Kris chuckles a little and turns his head and licks Adam’s throat, tasting salt.

“Are you fishing for compliments?”

Adam blinks at him, going for and missing guileless by a wide mile. Kris smiles, probably too wide, and kisses him briefly.

“Nice try. You know you’re good.”

“It’s still nice to hear. And you measured up very well, if you were wondering.” Adam’s eyes are shining, mischievous and sweet and Kris just laughs.

“Well thank you.” And now they’re both giggling, Adam slaps Kris’ ass lightly.

“Anytime.” And he pulls Kris into a deep, lazy kiss before pressing him back and rolling to his feet, only slightly unsteady.

“Right, now I need a shower.” And Adam’s right, he’s pretty much a mess. Kris watches Adam walk to the bathroom, then watches his reflection until the mirror fogs up before retreating to his own bed.

Kris breathes out slowly and runs his hand down his chest, briefly cups his soft cock. He just fucked someone – a guy, he fucked a guy – who isn’t the person he married and Kris thinks. He thinks he should probably be panicking a little more than he is. Mostly, he’s lonely. He’d always liked the aftermath, both of them sweaty and happy and the way Katy’s hair always stuck to both of them. Adam won’t even share a bed with him for a nap.

Kris can’t really blame Adam for the boundaries he’s set on…whatever this is. But it’s still dissonant to be with someone who will blow you, but not kiss you unless it’s during sex. Then again, Kris has seen the other pictures of Adam and Brad - Adam’s arm around Brad, head on his shoulder, Brad leaning over Adam’s shoulder, fingers in his hair. And Kris very much doubts the lines are drawn for his benefit.
Tags: fic, pairing: adam/kris, rating: nc-17
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