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Fic: Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth

Title: Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Author: ruby_fruit
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Disclaimer: Made it up! In my head! Crazy, no?
Summary: That's why they bought the bed.
Warnings: None! I feel so un-hardcore. /o\
Notes: Kink Bingo! For the prompt 'Deepthroating'. anandrine was my fierce and fabulous beta and also commiserated with me over how glad we were to be lesbians and thus would never have cause to learn how to do this.

Whoever said married sex was boring never married Adam Lambert. Kris feels kind of bad for them, missing out like that, but not bad enough to let them marry Adam. Adam is Kris’, and state stamped papers are the least of the things that say so.

One of the things is the niceness of not having to ask for certain things any more. Kris doesn’t have any hang-ups wanting stuff, it’s just that he still feels sort of ridiculous saying them out loud. So when Kris arranges himself across the bed, propped up on his elbows at the edge and watching as Adam finishes undressing Adam just quirks a neat eyebrow at him, tongue caught between his teeth.

It’s why they bought the bed after all. They’d been wandering around the furniture store, indecisive because they’re furnishing a house now, their house, and not just another apartment and it had felt weirdly serious. Adam was frowning at frames and headboards and Kris just flopping on them – because that was how you tested a bed and who cared what it looked like when you’d either be asleep or having sex when you were in it – when Kris had dropped onto this one and Adam had looked down at Kris, starfished out on his stomach with his head exactly even with Adam’s groin, and grinned, wide and delighted and dirty. Kris had to wait a few minutes to stand up again while Adam laughed at him and they had shelled out for same-day delivery.

They hadn’t even gotten the sheets on it before Adam grabbed Kris, swung him off his feet and tossed him onto the bed. It smelled bright and dusty and felt resilient and new and Kris had pushed his hands up under Adam’s shirt and his shoulders back against the coarse stitching of the bare mattress. Adam had rubbed his face against Kris’ throat, the scrape of his stubble making Kris shiver and reach up with all his limbs to pull Adam down against him, heavy and warm. They’d stayed there, rubbing slow and lazy as Adam licked into Kris’ mouth and scraped his teeth down Kris’ throat until Kris had been panting and squirming and then Adam had pulled back, hair wrecked from Kris’ hands and grinning with his wet mouth and said “Hey, hey, lets-” and pushed himself back so he was standing at the edge of the bed, already tugging at the button of his jeans. Kris remembers both of them giggling because the bed was seriously the perfect height and it had been pretty awesome to stretch out comfortably and listen to Adam’s deep, shuddery breaths as Kris took him all the way down.

Kris really loves doing that. Sucking cock, deepthroating, pushing past his own body’s resistance and making Adam shudder and sweat. It’s not easy, not when Adam’s so big, so heavy and thick on his tongue and in his throat. That just makes it better, though, and Kris still gets that delicious surge of smugness when he makes Adam come with his cock so far down Kris’ throat that he only tastes it when Adam pulls out. Kris is already hard by the time Adam is done undressing.

Adam’s hand cups his chin, his thumb in the corner of Kris’ mouth urging him open. Kris sighs happily, eyes sliding shut as he mouths the bare head and tongues the slit just to hear Adam’s breathing stutter. Adam is watching, because Adam always watches - it seriously took Kris two weeks and some really filthy acts to convince him that a wall of mirrors in the bedroom was both tacky and unnecessary - so Kris obliges him with a show. He pulls off slowly and kisses under the head, looks up through his lashes at Adam’s smile and smiles back, feeling buoyant with how Adam is his and this is theirs.

It’s an easy slide when Kris licks down the shaft, his mouth is so wet already. Kris nuzzles the base, breathing in the smell of sweat and precome and Adam. The muscles in Adam’s thighs shift as he tries to spread wider when Kris licks his balls, pulls them into his mouth, and Kris wishes briefly that Adam was laying down so Kris could spread him out properly because he loves the way Adam’s voice shakes and cracks when Kris rims him. But Kris loves this too so he lets Adam go and leans up, licking away the new wetness on the head, sliding down until Adam’s cock hits the back of his throat and back up to lick and breath around him before going down again. Over and over until Adam is panting, his cock shiny with spit and the next time Kris goes down he doesn’t stop.

Adam had taught Kris how to do this fairly early on, when he still thought Kris was having a breakdown or crisis or whatever and Adam had been assuming he was setting himself up for heartbreak again. Kris had said and done a lot of things of questionable intelligence in the name of getting Adam to pull his head out of his ass during that period, but learning how to swallow Adam’s cock was never one he regretted.

“No,” Adam had told him, somewhere between laughing and exasperated the fourth time Kris tried and had to pull off, coughing. “You’re still trying to force it, just relax. It’s like, do it like you’re singing a low note.” Kris had blinked up at him, eyes watering, and asked what the fuck Adam would know about that and that attempt had ended with both of them cracking up as Adam rolled Kris over and slid into him, biting at the back of his neck and his shaking shoulders.

The context had helped, though, and next time they tried it worked, Adam holding perfectly still as Kris slid down on him, eyes shut and heaving in breaths through his nose. Kris had nearly panicked; the feeling was wildly alien on nerves that weren’t used to the stimulation. But Adam had been panting and so tense and he’d said “oh, oh,” in a soft, low voice when Kris had pulled back to gulp breath then slid back down on Adam’s cock, and it was easier the second time. Adam had come silently, his fingernails digging into Kris’ shoulder and Kris had been so distracted and startled he lost most of it but Adam had just tumbled Kris over on the bed and licked him clean and given Kris what is still one of the best handjobs he’s ever gotten.

Kris hasn’t choked in years. He slides his tongue against the underside of Adam’s cock and pushes down smooth until his nose is pressed to the scratchy stubble of Adam’s pubic hair. Adam scrapes his fingernails lightly over Kris’ scalp and Kris shivers, goes all over with goosebumps and rubs his hips against the mattress. Kris doesn’t let Adam’s cock slide out when he pulls back, just swallows around him lazily, loving Adam’s groans and the sharper scratch of his nails over Kris’ scalp.

Kris gets lost in it, gets selfish, easing off every time Adam gets close until Adam is shivering, little quakes through his stomach and thighs. Adam never begs out loud, but his hips keep hitching forward even when Kris has him all the way in. Even with his jaw aching and knowing how fucked he’ll sound tomorrow Kris is reluctant to finish Adam off, but he does, and that that’s pretty fun too. How loud Adam is, and how he sounds almost hurt. The heady little rush when Adam swells in his mouth, and the taste of his come, sharp and shocking on Kris’ numbed tongue.

Kris is so hard he hurts and he can’t seem to steady his breathing as Adam pulls him up until Kris is kneeling on the bed, rubbing himself against Adam’s abs. Adam kisses Kris’ numb, buzzing mouth, steadying him with one hand on Kris’ back and the other cupping his face, thumb stroking almost dreamily across Kris’ lower lip. Kris shivers and turns his head, catching Adam’s first two fingers and drawing them into his mouth. Adam laughs a little against Kris’ shoulder and mumbles “That’s my boy,” rubbing his fingers against Kris’ tongue and Kris shuts his eyes and sucks.
Tags: pairing: adam/kris, rating: nc-17
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